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shapes memorable spaces by creating custom seating and case goods for the hospitality industry. Guided by passion, we are committed to delivering a seamless production process beyond the impossible—towards the possible.
Every piece, whether it’s a single lounge chair or hundred’s of complex wall-systems,  is a manifestation of our dedication to exceptional quality and precision. Regardless of the scale, our commitment remains steadfast, rooted in the perfection of the process and the process of perfection.
Co-founders Luca and Matty are lifelong friends with a sharp eye for design, a deep respect for the hospitality industry and an insatiable commitment to excellence. After successfully building and exiting their first venture together, they formed the vision for Workshop.

With the desire to scale up from making prototypes in their garage to best-in-class manufacturing, they met co-founders Marc and Ely, who have manufactured furniture for over 60 years. The partners established an immediate bond, and Workshop was born.
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Workshop is defined by reverence for its customers and a philosophy that “good” is never enough. At every stage of a project, Workshop seeks to deliver the utmost service in design, production, and management.

Today, with a growing international team, Workshop is a leading and innovative furniture manufacturing company with an unwavering commitment to building a long-lasting legacy.

Inspired by our dynamic collaboration with our clients and the inspiration drawn from their ideas, we bring together a diverse team of collaborators. This team, characterized by its innate curiosity, flexibility of thought and openness to experimentation play a pivotal role in shaping and delivering on every project.
our team
north america
latin america
Marc Kornhaber
Matthew Sananes
Vice President
Ely Benzaquen
VP of Manufacturing
Coco Huang
VP of Asia
Renee Comtois
VP of Operations
Jessye Lillyjoy Grundlingh
Design Manager
Priyesh Rebello
Trade and Logistics Manager
Mona Mahzari
Project Manager
Ammar Althwari
Senior Accountant
Alen Punnen
Supply Chain Manager
Brandon So
Systems Analyst
Gurbani Gianni
Project Coordinator
Darla Golfo
Quotation Specialist
Daniel Pammenter
Logistics Manager
Jamil Saleem
Warehouse Manager
Angie Lu
Project Director
Babyly Chen
Project Director
Chloe Lian
Project Director
Jay Jeyabalasingam
Senior Manager
Matthew Benzaquen
Sales Coordinator
Despina Chaskari
Graphic Designer
Juan Pablo Morales
Project Manager
Olivia Naccarato
Angelica Karasig
Niño Dango
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Industrial Designer 

Workshop is looking for an extraordinary Industrial Designer! Reach out for more info!